Warmed Keyboards






Basking in the sun.

Why bask when you could climb up into the sun?

Why climb up into the sun when you can create balls of hot energy?

Not illegal, but illogical. And possibly illustrious.




Taking a warm bath. Initially the water was hot. We had to wait until it cooled down and was warm. But the first attempt the water went too warm and became luke warm. We had to start over from scratch with hot water, wait until it was warm again. Then it still wasn't working so we consulted a physicist who reminded us that the camera was not infra-red and that nobody could tell what the temperature was. So we put the keyboard in cold water (to save energy) and lied about it being warm.


See how the keyboard is curved? The water actually warped the plastic and made it curvy.

Bear ass. This keyboard must have been em-bear-assed.

The bear was drinking dish soap and passed out. It looks like it passed out on the minus key. Whatever program is running, it has a lot less of something.

None of this mushy stuff.

Thank you, cat, for coming in to regulate.

This is the famous keyboard break-up scene.

Guy Keyboard: Things need to shift. You're just a control freak and I can't escape.
Girl Keyboard: But.. it's our fate to be with each other.
Guy Keyboard: I don't believe in fate.
Girl Keyboard: You have to! It's right between F7 and F9.
Guy Keyboard: ...
Girl Keyboard: Plus, look, they put U and I together.


Tring to warm up by eating hot sauce. Failed attempt number one.

Trying to warm up by drinking coffee. Failed attempt number two.

Two strikes you're in - the trash.








This seemed logical at the time. What was happening?

Will it fit in the microwave?




Not a real keyboard.



Another sun shot.

Not make sense.

Step one

Step two

Step three


The keyboards are having some beers and warming up to each other



And we're all happy and warm in the end as usual.