Rated Pies


Welcome to this year's Rated Pies


Let's meet our contestants...

Kelly is from Kentuky

Patty is fond of Canada

And Cherry Pie is from Albertsons


Ok! Now we'll get them to go behind this curtain and change into their best...


First up...

Kelly starts us off with some abstract work. Nice accesorizing!


Your pumkin-ness looks delicious! Now what is your talent?


Pulling the fan cord. Nicely done.



Patty is borderline scandelous.


You adorn yourself with class. Now show me your skills!


Multitasking. Look-at-you-go!


And now...

Wow! Suddenly, Cherry Pie is using a mammal!


I would berate you for making this mess, but instead I'll bite--Show me your ability!


Incredible. Mimicking shampoo. That mammal has no idea that you're pie. Or did he blow his brains out? I can't really tell.


I want to thank our contestants and congratulate our winner.


It's always good to see everyone back together again.