Focused Rubber Duckies

A rubber ducky in focus.
This rubber ducky is very focused on his music.


This ducky is all quacked out.


Focusing on some reading material.

As you know, a focused rubber ducky is detailed.

Which is why they do not have tails.

But they do try.


Many ducks procroastinate with their bills.

Playing chess takes a lot of focus.


Here they are in a focus group.



Pirate rubber ducky tries to mount a majestic beast.

Extreme failure ensues.

With focus, the ducky succeeds.

Good thing this one was focused, it barely ducked in time.




Rubber ducky, you're the one.

You make bath time so much pun.


That image looks fake. Rest assured, it is not fake. It is just a very large red duck with a dreamy depth of field.

To prove the size of this duck, here it is in comparison to a standard sized black circle.


Back to our chess game to see how they're doing.

Did the board grow? Or did the ducks and pieces shrink?


What's going on?


Where did the pieces go?

Oh.. they were kidnapped and used as refrigerator magnets.

Here you can see the black pieces are a head.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, everyone can all come together and be happy in the end.

At first the cat is a bit timid of everyone.


But soon enough they all get along.. like birds of a feather.