Spray-painted Sandwiches


That is the golden spam. Nobody eats golden spam, but if they made edible golden spam, some would consider eating golden spam regularly or perhaps irregularly.

This one is large. It took two cans of spray paint and five cans of tuna fish. That's a 5:2 ratio of tuna to paint.

When you go fish painting, bring approximately one can of paint for every three tuna.

Make sure the paint is water proof, even though you won't have to prove to anyone that you're in water.

Water proof is being wet.

When zoomed, a spraypainted tuna sandwich looks salmon more than tuna.

It's hard to tell from the pictures how big it is.

To get an exact idea of how large this sandwich is, here you can see it is shown to be the length of four and a half shrunken super-imposed weird animal faces.

To get an exact idea of how massive these shrunken super-imposed weird animal faces are, here it is measured by a scale with all the measurements replaced by the word avocado.

Club sandwiches are expensive and delicious. Therefore not worth spray painting. Especially if you're budget is low and your appetite is high.

Good thing they make club crackers.

This grilled cheese is not spray painted. It came out of the oven resembling Mother Theresa.

This is a grilled cheese sandwich made in a George Foreman.

Grilled cheese are boring anyway.

Arctic oreos are sandwiches too.

So are regular oreos. They are sandwiches on so many levels.

Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

No reasonable human being could think they aren't.

It even says right on the box.


In case you're still not convinced, here is an unarguable Oreo sandwich:

WalMart had no knuckle sandwiches to spray paint, so one had to be made from scratch.


And they're all togther in the end.