Nutted Screens

Just to make this clear: Nutted screens are screens that are nutted in some way. Beith nuts on screens or nuts within screens or really any combination of nuts and screens. It could eve be screened nuts. Which is actually better, but the formula this corporation has agreed upon is [adjective] [nouns]s.

It could even be nat screens. Because nutted isn't entirely a word. Now it's becoming rambling.


What initially comes to the brain when seeing this is "Pecan Soyo" which is similar to "Hans Solo." But that isn't a funny joke because it's not enough of a stretch.



Pecan'd LCD. Classic.


Bear with pecans'd screen. Classic.


Crumbed mix-nutty'd acer. Classic as well.





Here we go. Something new. Almond extract on a 22" NEC MultiScan Hypertone Super-mega-pixel viewer MegaPixelViewer screen.


I know, cat, I am curious why those nuts are so far from that screen.


Don't know.



This is a really nice, huge screen. Made by Sharp. I think it's about 35 inches. There's no nuts or anything on it. It's not really a part of this article. I was thinking about selling it.

If anyone wants to purchase this nice screen, let me know. It's for sale.



Sort of a screen on the microwave.



Nut on a screen I guess.




Guitar nutted screen.






Now it's just getting weird.





Har har.





How is this possible?



Now for the nut tower!


How is that possible?



Another angle of the impossible nut tower.


A more possible yet questionably cheating nut tower.






Something about this image is sad.



Something about this image is cute.



Something about this image is cute and weird.





All the screens and nuts together. YAY~!