Jarred Socks

Making shrines might impress your fellow
sock-in-jar buddies, but it also makes you look

Ground-up sock does not stay on your foot.

It's common to put varieties of socks in a jar.

If you ever find yourself in this situation,
you might as well find a "quit box" and forget
about life.

This sock is in a door that is ajar. Socks do not preserve in jars unless filled with formaldehyde. But that is serious. Try using informaldehyde.

Volcano jarred socks are dangerous but impressive.

An explosion occurs when extreme heat is applied to sulfur carbaxium and Jajnosachnium.

SO2CK + J2Ar --> volcanic sock matter + pwnt noobs
And you have to divide by zero somewhere because nobody knows how a sock explodes from a jar.


Get your shit out of the jungle.